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Needham's Recycling and Transfer Station (RTS) is an ideal site for renewable energy generation. In addition to the Wind Turbine Feasibility study being developed, there is also an opportunity for installing a Solar Photovaltaic system.

We have enlisted the support of Chapman Construction and Design, who have provided an initial site survey that indicates the possibility of installing up to 5,000 solar PV modules, generatingbetween 1.0 and 1.5 megawatts of power.

Closed landfills like Needham's are particularly attractive sites for solar PV because they are typically elevated sites with no on-site shading (trees) and limited alternative uses. Landfill sites could be significant contributors to the Commonwealth's aggressive targets for solar power generation in Massachusetts.

The next step would be a feasibility study (cost approximately $5,000) to provide a detailed plan for the installation, the power to be generated and the cost.