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Main Page
This is where you'll find a comprehensive list of green or sustainable projects and activities in Needham - underway, proposed or completed. The projects may be initiated by Green Needham, by a collaborating organization or a combination of groups and individuals.
Current Projects
10 Percent Challenge This Green Needham flagship project supports Needham residents in reducing their energy use and carbon footprint by 10%.
Wind Feasibility Study This project will install a tower with instruments at a location near the Needham RTS to measure the wind over a one-year period. The resulting information will be analyzed to determine the business case for installation of a wind turbine that would generate lower-cost clean electricity for the Town.
RTS Solar A complementary project to install Solar Photovoltaic arrays at the RTS to generate electricity. A preliminary site survey has identified the possibility of 1 MW of solar electric generating capacity.
Outreach Ongoing teams and activities that educate and inform the community about sustainability, support Green Needham projects and encourage people to take action on their own to create a more sustainable community
Home Energy Efficiency Improvement An initiative to engage local businesses (HVAC and related) and financial institutions to create a program that makes it easier for Needham residents to identify and implement high-value home energy efficiency improvements.
Green Community Having Needham qualify as a Massachusetts Green Community under the Mas DoER's Green Communities program.
Schools Projects, initiatives and groups in the Needham Public Schools
Municipal Municipal projects and initiatives in the Town of Needham
Houses of Worship Projects and groups at and involving Needham's faith community
Outreach Programs and events to reach out, inform, educate and engage people and organizations in the community
Funding Funding opportunities for sustainability
Transportation Groups and organizations working on a more sustainable transportation future for Needham.
Green Tips Creates and distributes a monthly "Green Tip" via e-mail providing information on easy ways to live more sustainably, save energy and save money
Needham Community Farm A pilot site adjacent to the Needham Historical Society in front of Newman School is the first step toward creating a community farm in Needham
Legislative Action Alerts Green Needham listserv to inform citizens about legislation affecting sustainability and how they can engage in the process.

Completed Projects
LWV 2008 Fall Forum The 2008 Needham League of Women Voters Fall Forum featured Frances Moore Lappe, international food activist who made the connection between food and environmental health. The event drew a diverse audience of 175.
Needham Solar Challenge Needham residents successfully completed the Community Solar Challenge. Needham received a 2kW Solar Array for the new High Rock School and funds for renewable energy and education projects through matching funds generated by donations from residents and businesses to the New England Wind Fund.
Green Business Expo Green Needham participated in planning the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce's Green Business Expo in June. This very successful initial event included presentation of awards to Needham businesses by Selectman Jerry Wasserman as well as Green Needham's participation as an exhibitor to build awareness in the local business community.
Green Kids - reusable shopping bags PTC-led Green Kids groups in Needham elementary schools distributed 5,000 reusable shopping bags to Needham residents.
2007 LWV Fall Forum The Needham League of Women Voter's 2007 Fall Forum (co-sponsored by Green Needham) drew over 120 Needham residents to hear Larry Chretien, Executive Director of the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, attend breakout sessions on home energy, solar energy, policy and fuel-efficient cars and learn about energy saving ideas and products.

Project Ideas
These are projects that Green Needham members or collaborating organizations have expressed interest in doing. See the individual project page if you are interested in helping one of these get going.
One light bulb at a time Build teams to help residents make the change to energy-efficient CFLs by working with them in their homes
Downtown Recycling This project envisions working with downtown businesses, the Needham Community Revitalization Fund and the new RTS recycling program for the schools and fields to provide recycling capability to pedestrians in the downtown and Heights business districts.
If you are a Green Needham member and would like to propose a project, do so by selecting and then editing the Discussion tab at the top of this page.