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All events and items to publicize should first be put on the web site. This is done through the blog interface.

  • Events are added through the Event tab
  • Events entered here will automatically appear on the calendar. (Events will not appear on the calendar until within 30 days of the event, so you can add events well in advance.)
  • Any informational item can be added as a blog post through the Posts tab.
  • Simply create a new post, select one or more appropriate categories, and Publish it.
  • Any item added as a post will go out in the daily news feed.
  • To have the item appear on the front page of the web site, add the tag news in the tag section
  • Note: Calendar events do not go out in the regular feed. For important events, consider adding a separate Post announcing the event which links to the calendar entry.
  • Once the event or post is on our web site, it can easily be added to social media sites using the buttons at the bottom of the item itself.
  • Everyone should:
  • "like" and/or share items on their own facebook pages
  • share the items on your other social media sites (LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Events and posts of interest should be added to the Green Needham Facebook page
  • Currently (January 2013), Michael is the only active SC member set up to "manage" the page. I would be thrilled to add others who use facebook. Once you are authorized, you can use the buttons to add an item directly to the Green Needham page.
  • Events and posts can also be added to our Twitter feed using the buttons
  • As above,Michael is the only active SC member set up to manage this feed. I would be thrilled to add others who use Twitter.

The Needham Times and Needham Patch monitor our feed. Our feed items often appear automatically on Patch.

Media Contacts

Media contacts for press releases, story ideas - updated as of 2013-01-02

Organization Contact Name e-mail Phone Title
Needham Times Wei-Huan Chen wchen@wickedlocal.com 781 433-8244 Reporter
Needham Times Valentina Zic vzic@wickedlocal.com 781 433-8366 Editor
Needham Patch Open    
The Needham Channel Natalie Guthrie nguthrie@needhamchannel.org 781 449-6964 News Director (also for Bulletin Board notices)
Hometown Weekly Josh Perry news@hometownweekly.net 508 359-2200 x214 Editor and Reporter
Globe West Leslie Anderson landerson@globe.com 617 929-2260
Globe West Kathleen Burge kburge@globe.com 617 929-7856 Reporter
Globe West Calendar Listings Events Add Event  


  • Kelly Mello, Patch editor until January, 2014
  • Grahame Turner, Patch editor until October, 2013


  • Deirdre Fernandez (or perhaps Fernandes), Globe West


Outlets and contacts for publicizing activities and events. (Note 1/2/13 - this section needs an update.)

  • Greg Reibman, President - greibman@nnchamber.com,617 244-5300 x3
  • Greg is the former managing editor of Community Newspapers, where he oversaw multiple papers, including the Needham Times
  • Michael is on the Chamber's Environmental Committee

  • e-mail - nba@needhambusiness.com
  • As of late 2012, NBA had planned to build a new site with a comprehensive community bulletin board as part of the Local First campaign, but I'm not sure where that stands.

The Needham Community Council has established an on-line Community Calendar on their website. The goal is to have a centralized calendar for a majority of community events—as a source of ready information about Needham activities, and as a way to check planned events for potential conflicts. If you have any questions call or e-mail Sandra Robinson, Director of the Community Council, at 781-444-2415.

  • Various Needham groups on Social Networking sites
  • Organizing for America - Harmony Wu
  • Needham, Massachusetts on LinkedIn - Rick Dagen
  • Facebook - ?


  • Regular column on boston.com/Needham local site
  • We have the opportunity to write and publish a regular column on the boston.com/needham local web site
  • Guidelines for a boston.com local column

Beyond Needham

  • MCAN Monthly Newsletter - sent out mid-month, reaches about 3,200 mail addresses
  • Coordinated by Susan Altman at MCAN, also reachable at 781 395-4664
  • Would like to hear from a range of MCAN chapters, particularly smaller groups
  • Notes on suitable items for the MCAN newsletter from Susan:
  • Events you are planning that are related to climate change (that's a broad brush) and are appropriate for a regional audience: For example, with a big name speaker, or that several communities are collaborating on, and that are being held in a location that can accommodate a large number of people.
  • Accomplishments by your group, your community, or specific individuals that relate to climate change advocacy, policy, energy efficiency and conservation, behavior change, education, etc.

Home Energy Assessment Signups by Event

Click the link below to view Home Energy Assessment Signups/Conversions by Outreach Event:


Steps to Publicize a GNC Event

Add the event to the Green Needham calendar

1. Add a new event to the GNC calendar:

  • a. Log in to the Blog, & click “Events” in the left nav bar, then click “Add new.”
  • b. Complete the top section with a brief summary of the event as well as any appropriate links.
  • c. Complete the “Events Calendar” section with the event date/time, location, cost, etc., as applicable.
  • d. Click to select any event categories that are appropriate for your event from the “Event Categories” list on the right-nav container. (NOTE: These are not the same as the non-event blog categories.)
  • e. When finished, click [Save Draft] button in the Publish section on the top right-hand side.
  • f. Click the [Preview] button to review your draft as a calendar entry.
  • g. Make any changes back in the “Event edit” window.
  • h. Once you are satisfied, click [Publish]. Now your calendar event is viewable by all.

Note: The left-hand column on the main Green Needham page ("Upcoming Events") shows events happening in the next 30 days. All events that have been created on the calendar are available on the calendar itself.

Write a GNC blog post about the event

2. Write a regular GNC blog posting about the event, and tag it as “News” so the event now show up on the GNC Home & News pages. Select all categories that apply. (This is helpful because users can click a category link in the left nav on the Latest News page & view all blog entries in this category.) A newsletter piece can then be linked to this blog entry (i.e, teaser text with a “read more” link that opens the blog entry).

The blog post can (and should) also serve as the announcement/press release for the event that will be sent to the various media in the next steps.

This is not required for every event, especially those that are not Green Needham events (since the event should be on the calendar and will appear on the main page for the 30 days proceeding the event). We typically do want to do this for our own events to get as much visibility as possible.

Creating a separate blog entry, or additional entries for the same event can be helpful when:

  • You want to announce an event early, as a "Save the Date", before the event itself shows up on "Upcoming Events".
  • You want to provide an update about an upcoming event.

Send the announcement/listing to local media

3. Send the announcement/listing to local media.

Needham Times

Send a calendar listing to the Needham Times ( VZIC@Wickedlocal.com ) (deadline for inclusion in the following week’s paper is Thursday at 5:00 pm.

Example submission

Hometown Weekly

Send a press release (like an article) to the Hometown Weekly news@hometownweekly.net . (the deadline for inclusion in next week’s paper is ???). These can be longer, as the Hometown Weekly will usually print the whole item as an article if they are written that way.

Example submission

Needham Patch

Register for the Needham Patch ( http://needham.patch.com/signin?return_to=%2F ) and add the event. Contact Grahame Turner, Patch Editor - grahame.turner@patch.com, 617-817-5794 about getting the event in their “top five.”

NB: 2014-02-24 - update with new Patch Editor (assuming she survived the recent Patch purge).

Needham Channel Calendar

7. Submit a calendar listing to The Needham Channel (info@needhamchannel.org or natalied@needhamchannel.org). This listing needs to be short and compact as it is going to be formatted for display on TV.

Needham Channel Calendar

If we have a graphic/image for the event that can be formatted in landscape mode (like a TV display) and has appropriate-sized text, it can be sent directly (as a graphics image file like JPG/PNG) to the Needham Channel and they will be able to display it.

Globe West

Submit a listing to the Globe West, which is published on Sunday and Wednesday and has an upcoming events section containing short paragraphs about events in local towns.

Boston.com Calendar

Submit a listing to Boston.com’s calendar: Go to the listings and follow the prompts.

Local Organizations

Send around a write-up to any interested groups, asking them to help “spread the word” about the event. Be sure to give them something that they can just “pass along” to their group. Some of these groups have newsletters, so providing the write-up that's easily cut/pasted can help them spread the word.

Local Organizations

Event Posters

Put up posters publicizing the events, at the following locations (and any others that make sense):

  • Needham Town hall bulletin board
  • Needham Public Library bulletin board (need library approval before putting it up)
  • Hersey, Needham Junction, Needham Center & Needham Heights train stations

Ask someone in the following stores if you can put up the poster (these are stores that have said yes in the past). We may not want to go to the well too often - asking every store for every event.

Needham Center

  • Michelson's Shoes
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Sweet Corner (used to be Sweet Rue's)
  • A New Leaf
  • Above and Beyond Consignment Shop
  • Harvey's
  • Stonehearth Pizza (inside bulletin board)
  • UPS store
  • Closet Exchange (both stores)
  • Needham House of Pizza (bulletin board inside)
  • Beersheba Nail Salon
  • Prudential office
  • Needham Florist (next to Beersheba Nail Salon)
  • Needham Center Fine Wines (1013 Great Plain Ave.)
  • La Mode Hair Salon
  • Music Store on Great Plain Ave.
  • Needham Shoe Repair (Chapel St.)
  • Hair Works (Chapel St.)
  • Nicholas' Pizzeria (33 Chapel St)
  • Lizzy's Ice cream shop (Highland Ave.)(Bulletin Board inside)
  • Swizzles Yogurt (Highland Ave.) Bulletin Board inside
  • Taylors (small bulletin board inside)
  • Crosby Jeweler (Highland Ave.) They are picky. Take only occasionally.
  • Laundromat