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This is the main work group page for all Green Needham Outreach, Education and Communications activity. Each Action Team, work group or activity should have its own set of sub-pages under this one. Those are their working pages for collaboration, gathering and maintaining information, tracking their activities and whatever else they find helpful.

Contact: Allison Hume
Contact: Pam Steinfeld
Contact: Tad Staley
Contact: Jim Glickman
Contact: Eleanor Rosellini
  • Media - Media contacts, general publicity information and publicity outreach opportunities
Contact: Michael Greis
Contact: Michael Greis or Eleanor Rosellini
  • Blog - The Green Needham Blog - how to and tips for authors
Contact: Michael Greis

  • EPA Merit Award - Positioning Green Needham to compete for an EPA Environmental Merit award in 2010
  • Talk of the Town - Energy Audits and home energy savings were the topic of this Needham Channel program. Host Jerry Wasserman was joined by Michael Greis of Green Needham and Clayton Schuller of Next Step Living in a roundtable discussion of an energy audit in Needham done by NSL and taped for Talk of the Town. This page provides resources for viewers of the show.