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Green Needham Collaborative Wiki
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Our Green Needham blog is now the primary location for current news and information about Green Needham, our projects, our collaborators and sustainability in our community.

General information about Green Needham is available at our web site.

This wiki maintains reference information and project team documentation.

10 Percent Challenge This Green Needham flagship project supports Needham residents in reducing their energy use and carbon footprint by 10%.
Wind Feasibility Study This project will install a tower with instruments at a location near the Needham RTS to measure the wind over a one-year period. The resulting information will be analyzed to determine the business case for installation of a wind turbine that would generate lower-cost clean electricity for the Town.
RTS Solar A complementary project to install Solar Photovoltaic arrays at the RTS to generate electricity. A preliminary site survey has identified the possibility of 1 MW of solar electric generating capacity.
Home Energy Efficiency Improvement An initiative to engage local businesses (HVAC and related) and financial institutions to create a program that makes it easier for Needham residents to identify and implement high-value home energy efficiency improvements.
Green Community Becoming a Massachusetts Green Community
Schools Projects, initiatives and groups in the Needham Public Schools
Municipal Municipal projects and initiatives in the Town of Needham
Houses of Worship Projects and groups at and involving Needham's faith community
Outreach Programs and events to reach out, inform, educate and engage people and organizations in the community
Transportation Groups and organizations working on a more sustainable transportation future for Needham.
Needham Solar Challenge The Needham Solar Challenge was completed successfully, earning Needham a 2kW solar array to be installed this spring at the new High Rock School and accumulating, through donations to the New England Wind Fund, over $21,000 in matching funds toward alternative energy and education projects.
See the complete list of Projects - current, completed and proposed.

Resource Library
Resource Library The Resource Library contains information to help residents taking the 10% Challenge

For information on the Green Needham Collaborative, contact Michael Greis
The Green Needham Collaborative logo was created through a collaboration of Needham High School Graphic Design and Environmental Awareness Club students. We appreciate their efforts!