Wind Turbine Feasibility/Updates

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8/14/09: This page no longer needed. Status page for current status and latest updates. The link from the Wind Turbine Feasbility page has been removed. Delete this page later.

(May 15th, 2009) We have lined up the next steps for the Wind Feasibility study which will move forward once Town Meeting finally ends.

  • The first is work with Lee Newman, the Town's Planning Director, on the development of a zoning by-law to permit the erection of the 60 meter Met Tower at the RTS.
  • The second is the creation of an engineering plan for the installation of the Tower which must be submitted to the State DEP for approval.
  • Preliminary work on that was done by the Town Engineer earlier this year. We will be convening a meeting with the Town Engineer, including other staff and professionals who may be able to help, to create a plan and timetable for getting that work done.
  • Chip Laffey will schedule a time to present those plans to the Selectmen for their support.
  • Our goal is to have a by-law passed at the November Special Town Meeting with construction of the tower to start shortly thereafter.