Wind Turbine Feasibility/Status

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  • Summer 2010: Prepare & solicit bids; receive and evaluate responses; select vendors
  • Late Summer/Early Fall 2010 - Installation of Met Tower; Begin taking measurements
  • Fall 2010: Integration of measurements into High School Environmental Science Curriculum

Formal Wind Study

The production of a formal wind study, usable for planning and funding purposes, will require the services of a professional engineer. While the formal study can only be completed and published after sufficient measurements have been taken (about a year), planning and evaluation work can begin earlier.

We are working with a professional engineering firm to design an Engineer in Residence program.

  • The concept is similar to the Artist in Residence' process that resulted in the installation of the High School Lobby sculptures.
  • The program would support a professional engineer working on the Wind Study to involve and engage students in the process.
  • The outcome of the program would be the formal wind study analysis.
  • We are just beginning to work on the design of the program.
  • We will be seeking funding for the program.


May 2010:

  • Town Meeting approves Articles 3 and 4 of the 2010 Annual Town Meeting warrant.
  • Article 3 - Amend Zoning By-Law - Temporary Meteorological Towers
  • Article 4 - Amend Zoning By-Law - Map Change to Temporary Meteorological Tower Overly District

April 2010:

  • Meetings to finalize funding, tower specifications and plans for installation.

Early 2010:

  • A zoning article creating an overlay district at the RTS to allow the erection of the met tower has been developed by the Planning Department
  • It was presented to the Planning Board at their February 23rd meeting
  • The article must be approved by Town Meeting in May

  • Feburary 25th - The Massachusetts DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) responded favorably to the Town's submission, granting their approval for the erection of the MET tower on the landfill.

Summer 2009:

  • Underway: Work with Lee Newman (Needham Planning Department) & Planning Board on Zoning by-law permitting Met Tower erection for May 2010 Annual Town Meeting
  • Lee will begin drafting a zoning by-law narrowly defined for the Met Tower.
(Zoning to allow a turbine would be drafted later if the feasibility study is favorable)
  • Public hearings will be planned for the late fall.

  • Done: Meeting with Lee, Chip, Tony DelGaizo, Mario Array on completing an engineering design for the pad for the Met Tower for submission to the DEP
  • Plan is complete and will be submitted to the DEP before October 1st
  • DEP has 120 days to respond

  • Done: Meeting with the Selectmen to seek a sense of support from the board
  • Board enthusiastically support plans for wind feasibliity analysis at their August 11th meeting

  • Underway: Obtain updated cost information, develop implementation plan and schedule

  • Planned: Submit request for Clean Choice/Solar Challenge Funds to MTC
  • Target November 15th for submission

  • Planned: Publicize project and build support
  • Target late fall