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State awards $2.2 million for wind projects

July 21, 2009 - 9 wind energy projects - 3 construction and 6 feasibility studies - were awarded a total of $2.2 million from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

The three construction projects are:

  • 225kW turbine at the Hanover Water Treatment facility at 40 Pond Street in Hanover
  • Hanover approved a $1m project in May, 2009 (project is being bonded)
  • $200,000 was awarded through this grant
  • $250,000 was raised through another grant
  • The balance will be paid through the water rates
  • 600-kW wind turbine at the Regional Water Pollution Control Facility in Lynn
  • $600,000 grant
  • Two 1.65-MW turbines at the North Central Correctional Institution in Gardner (NCCI Gardner)
  • $1,200,000 grant

EOEEA Press Release

Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Supported Projects

You can get information about projects supported through the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust through a search capability at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative web site.


  • For Technology - Wind Energy
  • For Project Type - Construction - Renewable Energy Systems and Community Wind Project

to get a good selection of submitted and funded wind projects.

Recent activity - March, 2009

There have been several turbine installations in the last several months that we should track, especially because some of them (like Medford) are not right on the coast and thus good examples of what we believe is possible. These should be expanded/organized on this page.

  • Here's the link to a story about the installation of a 100kW turbine at Medford high school.
  • Another is in Hanover - I heard about this at an MMA meeting and have to pull together information on it.

  • Another is the installation at Holy Name School in Worcester (Holy Name is about 400 ft above the surrounding terrain and very well situated).

Holy Name School installs 600kW Turbine

Holy Name Jr/Sr High School in Worcester installed a 600kW turbine in October,2008. Holy Name is situated about 400 feet above sea level in Worcester.

Babson to install wind turbine

February 18,2008 - Babson College is planning to install a small-scale wind turbine to provide power for their entrepreneurship gallery as a demonstration project.

According to published reports, a Skystream 3.7 residential-scale turbine from Southwest Windpower will be installed by the end of the spring semester this year.

Babson will also undertake renovations to the entrepreneurship gallery focused on lighting improvements, after which they expect that the wind turbine will supply 60% of the annual energy needs of the facility,

Sources: Boston Business Journal, Boston Globe