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Each of Needham's Public Elementary Schools has an active program encouraging children to walk to school. These programs promote health, exercise and reduce congestion at the schools during drop off and pick up, as well as save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The initiatives involve parents, the PTCs, PE and health staff and administration. Principals work closely with Town engineering staff and the Police on ensuring safe routes to school.

Special Walking Events

Needham students will be participating in local, state and international walk to school days this year.

International Walk to School Day is October 9, 2013, with rain-date October 11, 2013

Please contact the school coordinators for more information or to get involved:

Walk to School events work to create safer routes for walking and bicycling, and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity among children, pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, concern for the environment and building connections between families, schools and the broader community.

More information also can be found on these sites:

  • International Walk to School in the USA
  • National Center for Safe Routes to School
  • International Walk to School

Past Events:

  • 'Mass Walk to School Day' - Wed May 1, 2013 (rain date Fri May 3)

***Walk-Around Routes***

Needham High walk-around route:

  • 25 minutes start time 7:20 (back by 7:45) map-- Webster entrance to Rosemary to Highland to Oakland to Kingsbury to Webster and back in the Webster entrance

Pollard MS walk-around route

  • 20 minutes start time 7:15 (back by 7:35)map -- Pollard front entrance to Harris E to Pinewood to Great Plain Ave to Webster to Harris and back to Pollard front entrance.

High Rock MS walk-around route:

  • 15 mins 7:10 start time (back by 7:25) map -- Ferndale entrance to Sylvan to Oakcrest to Blake to Linden to Sylvan and to the back entrance near the gymnasium

Eliot walk-around and one-way routes:

  • 1. 30 minute walk-around route via Sudbury Path: starting time 7:50 (back at 8:20) -- map leave Eliot on Sudbury Path behind the school to Hunnewell to Ardmore to Grasmère to Taylor to Hunnewell to Central, to Cedar to Wellesley Av, and back to Eliot
  • 1a. 35+ min walk-around route: starting time 7:45 (back at 8:20) map -- Eliot to Wellesley Av to Cedar to Central to Hunnewell to Taylor to Ardmore to Grasmère (turn around and go back on the same path)
  • 2. 15 minute one-way route from Cricket Field - starting time 8:05 (arrival 8:20) map -- from Cricket Field take Hillside to Webster to Central to Cedar, cross with guard, Wellesley Ave and back to Eliot
  • 3. 20 minute one-way route from TBS - starting time 8:00 (arrival 8:20)map -- Temple Beth Shalom to Webster to Central to Cedar to Wellesley Av to Eliot

Newman walk-around routes:

  • Route 1: 15 mins suggested start time 8:30 partial map -- Newman to Central/Main Entrance, walk towards Great Plain Ave, take a left onto Great Plain Ave, Take a left at the stairs that lead to Newman Fields, walk down path by tennis courts and playground and around to front of Newman.
  • Route 2: 25 mins start time 8:20 map -- Newman to Central/Main Entrance, cross with guard, Central to Bellevue to Bonwood to Avalon to High Rock, cross with guard, continue back to Central Entrance, cross with guard to Newman.

Mitchell walk-around routes: *East 15 mins *West 20 mins

Broadmeadow walk-around route: *Around the school in 12-15 minutes

Hillside walk-around routes: Route 1 going toward Central 25 minutes start time 7:55 (back by 8:20) map

Route 2 going toward Highland 25 minutes start time 7:55 (back by 8:20)map

*** What's Happening at Your School?***

Newman: All participants will be greated by the school lion mascot dancing to upbeat music and are encouraged to stamp and sign the poster, "I walked to Newman Today".

Individual School Programs

Braodmeadow: Broadmeadow's walk-to-school program began in 2010 when it joined Safe Routes to Schools.

1) Walk to School Days

April 16, May 5 and June 10

2) Safe Routes to Schools Traveler Tickets

Eliot: Eliot's walk-to-school program began in 2006. Eliot joined Safe Routes to Schools in 2008. In 2009, Eliot was approved for a Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure Assessment. The Assessment Report has not yet been released.

The current program has three components:

1) Monthly walk-to-school days

  • October: International Walk-to-School Day
  • November: Walk with Eliot principal, Mrs. Wilcox
  • January: Polar Bear Walk. Celebrate with hot chocolate!
  • February: Valentine’s Day. Deliver a Valentine thanking those who shovel their sidewalks!
  • March: Walk with Mrs. Wilcox
  • April: Earth Day, in concert with our school’s Green Kids Committee. Pick up trash along the way!
  • May: Massachusetts Walk-to-School Day, also part of townwide walking week
  • June: Walk with Mrs. Wilcox

2) Safe Routes to Schools Traveler Tickets

  • Eliot students who complete 20 walking or biking trips to or from school are eligible for a prize, courtesy of Safe Routes to Schools. Students who have completed two tickets end the program on Eliot's Walking Wall of Fame. Click here to download a Traveler Ticket.

3) Walker-of-the-Month Profiles

  • Once a month, we profile a regular walker or biker. We ask the student to answer a few questions, ask the parent to take a picture, and post the profile in the Eliot lobby.

Hillside: Hillside's walk-to-school program began in 2009 when the school joined the Safe Routes to School Program. In 2010 we have started to get the program rolling in earnest.

The current program has three components:

1) Monthly walk-to-school days

  • October: International Walk-to-School Day
  • November: The Turkey Trot
  • December: Holiday Hustle
  • January: Polar Bear Walk
  • March: The March March
  • April: Earth Day, in concert with our school’s Green Kids Committee... Celebrity walkers galore!
  • May 5: Massachusetts Walk-to-School Day, also part of town-wide walking week (rain date May 7)
  • June:

2) The Golden Sneaker Award

  • This coveted trophy is awarded each month to the class that has the most walkers during the monthly walk to school day.

3) Walker-of-the-Month Profiles

  • Every month we profile a regular walker or biker. We ask the student to answer a few questions, take their picture, and post the profile in the Hillside lobby.


Newman's walk-to-school program began in Fall 2007, and joined Safe Routes to Schools in Spring 2008. The current program has three components:

1) Monthly Fun Walk Schedule

Wednesday Oct 3, 2012: International Walk to School (Friday Oct 5 rain date)
Tuesday Nov 20, 2012: Turkey Trot Tuesday
Thursday Dec 20, 2012: Winter Wonderland Walk
Friday Jan 18, 2013: MLK Memorial March
Friday Feb 15, 2013: February Footloose Friday Walk
Thursday March 21, 2013: Rainbow Roll
Thursday April 10, 2013 : Earth Week Extravaganza Walks
Wednesday May 1, 2013: Mass Walk to School (Friday May 3 rain date)

2) We Walk We Rock! This is Newman’s own daily walking incentive program in which individual children and classes can win prizes and enjoy the many benefits of walking. Here’s how it works.

Each student has a chance to earn 5 walks a week. Newman student’s who walks, bike, or scooter Monday through Friday can earn 1 “walk” for that day. These are the ways to earn the “walk”….

1. Walk, Bike or Scooter to or from school.
2. Walk, Bike or Scooter to an after school activity.
3. Take a family walk, bike or scooter.

There are two ways to be included in the “We Walk We Rock” contest.

1. On Fridays or Special monthly walks an NEDP student will be waiting for you in the cafeteria between 8:45-8:55 and will record your walks for the week. The class charts will be displayed for the remainder of the day.
2. E-mail by Friday of that week with the number of walks for that week.

For every 10 walks students will earn a foot charm. About once a month the 2 classes with the most walkers will have the honor to display the Golden or Silver sneaker in their classes. Check out the special Monthly Fun Walk Schedule. If you have questions or if want to help with the monthly fun walks then e-mail .

Newman Walks, Newman ROCKS!

3) Walking School Buses

  • We have seven designated routes with meeting points and parent contacts. Parents can relay their child to a parent contact to walk to school from the meeting point with advance arrangements. Information is available on the SRTS page of the Newman PTC web site.

National Programs

A school district in Washington State reported an annual savings of $220,000 in transportation costs due to increased involvement in the district’s Safe Routes to School programs. Information nn this program is available at: