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Appliance and Energy Use Calculator

NStar online is now using the Home Energy Suite Appliance Calculators. (Click on Home Analyzer.) The program enables you to see how much energy a residence such as yours uses, and then lets you see the energy savings from certain scenarios, such as turning down the heat, replacing a refrigerator, changing to compact fluorescents, etc.)

The program also has an appliance calculator which shows, room by room, how much energy (and money) are used by various appliances and electronics. Some interesting results: a large plasma tv on for 5 hours a day uses as much energy than an Energy Star 17 cubic foot refrigerator and costs more than $15 a month to run. An LCD screen of the same size uses about half as much, and a medium sized tube television uses a quarter of the energy of a large plasma tv. A ceiling fan uses about half the wattage of a window fan.