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A roadmap to becoming a Green Community would include:

  • Commitment from the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager to becoming a Green Community
  • Commitment by the Town to reduce municipal energy use by 20%
  • This would likely be undertaken by the Public Facilities Department and the Town Manager with the consultation/support of the Board of Selectmen)
  • Generating support within the community - elected and appointed boards and officials, Town Meeting, residents and the community at large
  • Commitment by the Town to buy only fuel-efficient vehicles (where available)
  • The Town has already begun purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles, so meeting Green Community requirements is basically an expanded commitment to that effort
  • Town Departments and the Town Manager would lead this effort.
  • Adoption of an energy-efficient building code.
  • This would be led by the Building Department and the Town Manager, receive the support of the Selectmen and require approval by Town Meeting.
  • Adoption of appropriate zoning by-laws to meet the as-of-right siting and expedited permitting requirements
  • The Planning Department would develop options and language for discussion by the Planning Board
  • The Planning Board would hold public hearings, then draft, discuss and vote on the zoning by-law changes
  • The Zoning By-Law changes must be approved by a 2/3 vote of Town Meeting
  • Application for Green Community status submitted to the Green Communities Division of Mass DoER
  • Town staff and management would prepare and execute the application