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Our second program, debuting on The Needham Channel in early March, is all about solar power.

We begin the program looking to the future - and to an innovative Massachusetts company. Konarka Technologies is a Massachusetts-based startup that has harnessed leading-edge university research to collect solar energy on a flexible surface.


Then, we visit The Boston Nature Center to highlight an example of forward-thinking design that incorporates solar panels.


We also talk with Larry Chretien, director of the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, a non-profit, consumer and environmental advocacy group. Larry describes different state incentives and programs which will make solar power a brighter part of our future.


Mass Energy Consumers Alliance is also home to the [http:www.newenglandwind.org New England Wind Fund], familiar to Needham residents from Green Needham's successful Needham Solar Challenge. So our next segment moves closer to home, featuring a discussion of the solar panels which will be installed on the roof of High Rock School.


Then we interview a Needham resident who has installed solar panels on her roof and the show closes with instructions on how to take advantage of solar power in your own back yard with an affordable clothes line.



So tune in to learn about the many ways we're capturing the power of the sun.