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Your World... Bringing it Home, sponsored by Green Needham, is a program about sustainable living. Each episode will focus on an environmental issue, talk to local experts about the issue and then bring the issue "home" with manageable solutions we can incorporate into our every day lives. Our premiere episode is about the importance of supporting local farmers and eating local produce. We spoke with five area farmers and concluded the episode with the preparation of our own backyard vegetable garden.

Program Topics

Volante Farms

Terri Volante spoke with us about the history of Volante's Farm Stand and some of the green initiatives they included in the recent construction of their new greenhouse. Please visit their website at:

Watch the Volante Farms segment of the program: {{#ev:youtube|245gNefZggk}}

The Neighborhood Farm

Kate Canney met us in front of her booth at the Dedham Farmer's Market. We talked about the benefits of local produce and the initiative she started in Needham to keep neighbors stocked with fresh produce. Check out her website at:

Watch the Neighborhood Farms segment from this show: {{#ev:youtube|GgKkg1hX8o4}}

Powisset Farm

Meryl LaTronica spent some time with us touting the advantages of joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). To learn more about the CSA at Powisset Farm, visit their website at:

Watch the Powisset Farms segment from this show: {{#ev:youtube|iGALgvLSNVY }}

The Needham Community Farm

Debbie Schmill is leading the way towards a sustainable living center in Needham. To learn more about The Needham Community Farm's mission and pilot project, see their website at:

Watch the Needham Community Farm segment from this show: {{#ev:youtube|qWzg6GWVxJ8}}

The Newton Angino Community Farm

Greg Maslowe, educator and local farmer, talked with us about sustainable gardening practices and the local farmer. To learn more about the farm he manages in Newton, please visit:

Watch the segment on Angino Farm (the Newton Communtiy Farm) {{#ev:youtube|N1Zh_DVOnQQ}}

Bringing it Home with a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Greg Maslowe teaches us the easy way to prepare a backyard vegetable garden for Spring planting.

Watch the segment below: {{#ev:youtube|iJ6wdqy9bQ0}}