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Your World... Bringing it Home, sponsored by Green Needham, is a program about sustainable living. Each episode will focus on an environmental issue, talk to local experts about the issue and then bring the issue "home" with manageable solutions we can incorporate into our every day lives.
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Currently planned programs:

Your World is hosted by Allison Hume and produced at The Needham Channel. Allison plans to a produce a new episode about every two months.

Some ideas for future programs:

  • Cleaning Green - how individuals and institutions are using safer, non-toxic "green" cleaning products and methods
  • Bees and Bats - what's happening to the bees and bats, why they're important to us and what we can do to save them

Do you have experience with videography or video editing? Would you like to help create our program? See the Green Needham Opportunities page or contact Allison.