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Customized section - Upcoming Events

I used a "quick links" block to create an "Upcoming Events" section in the the left hand column.

You can edit the existing events within the normal CC edit:

  • Change the text for the date
  • Right click the link for the event to change the address to the correct section of the Events page on the wiki"

You can probably delete items from within the normal CC edit

However, the best way to add an additional item is to edit the HTML. I've tried to structure the HTML to make that fairly easy:

  • Each item is contained in two sections of HTML
  • Highlight, copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the two sections to create a new item
  • Change the text for the item:
  • The date
  • The link reference href="http:......"
  • The link text

Here's what the item HTML looks like:

<div style="text-align: left; color: rgb(125, 200, 189);"><font size="2">Oct 24: </font>
<div style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;"><font size="3">
<a href="http://wiki.greenneedham.org" style="color: rgb(153, 255, 204);" linktype="link" track="on">
Our Wiki</a></font><br>

Customizing Constant Contact newsletters

Some customization is best done in the HTML itself. Whenever you are editing a section of the newsletter, there is an <html> Code View K/tt> button at the bottom of the left section. You can use this to edit the HTML (carefully)

Converting non-members from the listserv

I sent an edited version of the October newsletter on October 17th to 62 people on the Green Needham listserv who have not signed as members. This newsletter recorded 17 opens (29%) and click-throughs from 5 of those opening the e-mail (29%). There were 7 distinct click-throughs, with 4 going to the survey. All four of those people completed the survey to join as members.

Invitation for new signups

I created another version of the October newsletter to invite people who provide their name for our listserv at an event to join. The contact list for this newsletter can be refreshed with new names and the newsletter resent (it will go only to the new names). The content should also be refreshed regularly.

Constant Contact Account

A Constant Contact account is set up for Green Needham.

  • I created a free demo account in mid-August. It will have to be converted to a paying account by mid-October.
  • I have converted the account and am currently paying the fee.
  • The monthly cost is $15 to use a list of up to 500 names
  • One year paid in advance is 15% off; not-for-profits get 30% off
  • Once we have our NFP paperwork filed, we can get the discount
  • Contact at Constant Contact: Jim Mariano, 866 849-3240