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Transformation Inc. met the “zero energy” design challenge by starting with a super-insulated building envelope that requires only a very small heating/cooling system. Twelve-inch thick walls are insulated with high-density polyurethane foam and high-density cellulose that brings the R-value to 49. A small air-source heat pump system supplies heat and cooling, and an efficient energy recovery ventilator brings in fresh air.

Energy for the heating/cooling system and other needs is supplied by a 30-panel photovoltaic solar power system on the roof. An innovative solar water-heating system (SunDrum) features collectors placed underneath the photovoltaic panels. These collectors remove the heat from the PV collectors and use it to heat household water.

His company’s 3-bedroom, 1,232 square foot “zero-energy” home sold for $195,200 in 2008. Several other larger zero energy homes are listed for under $400,000.

For more information, visit the Transformation Inc website at


See also information about the “Zero-Energy Home Challenge,” in a article which appeared in the November/December issue of Solar Today.