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  • Date: May 3, 2009
  • Time: 1:30 - 3:30
  • Location: First Parish, 23 Dedham Ave.


Welcome: Reverend John Buehrens

Presentation: Dr. Thomas Nutt-Powell, President and Co-Founder of Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, will

  • share success stories from environmental stewardship programs in a range of organizations
  • discuss the opportunities and resources available
  • outline best practices and how to get started

Panel Discussion: Representatives of Needham houses of worship will discuss their own experiences with environmental stewardship programs, emphasizing how they were able to:

  • cut energy use and save money
  • take advantage of free resources
  • build community support
  • justify and undertake small and large investments in their facilities
Panel Participants:
  • Roger Ambuter, House chair at Beth Shalom and building manager at the Congregational Church - confirmed
  • Carl Franceschi, Co-Chair of First Parish Building Committee and Architect and LEED Accredited Professional

Community-wide initiative: A representative of Green Needham Collaborative will present the 10% Energy Challenge, a community-wide effort to help residents save money by cutting their household energy use.

Questions, group discussion, and refreshments

Flyer and Agenda

Event Announcement Flyer:

Workshop Agenda:

Event Participation

Religious Organization Status Contact Name Phone e-mail Green Needham
First Parish UU Participating John Buehrens 444-0823 Eleanor Rosellini On Board Will provide Panel member
Temple Beth Shalom Participating Jay Perlman Jim Glickman On Board
Carter Memorial Methodist Church Will Attend Caroline Edge 444-2460 Michael Greis Invited - see comments
Chabad Jewish Center 455-9096 Comments
Christ Episcopal Church Possible Skip Windsor 444-1469 Michael Greis Comments
Congregation Ruach Israel Richard Nichol 449-6264  
Congregational Church will attend Susan Cartmell, Heike Werder 444-2510 Eleanor Rosellini On Board - Will Attend
Cornerstone Assembly of God 449-3035 Comments
First Baptist Church Waiting Debra Jackson 444-1179 Eleanor Rosellini Was At Clergy Assoc. Meeting
First Church of Christ Scientist will attend Paul Gardner 444-2877 Eleanor Rosellini Was At Clergy Assoc. Meeting
Good Shepard Christian Fellowship Darrell Minnich 444-0321 Jim Glickman Comment
Grace Lutheran Church Waiting Jennifer Hitt 444-3315 Eleanor Rosellini Comments
Presbyterian Church Waiting Elliott Hipp 444-3728 Jim Glickman Comments
St. Bartholomew 444-3434 Comment
St. Joseph 444-0245 Debbie Schmill Comments
Temple Aliyah Confirming Availability Carl Perkins 444-8522 Jim Glickman Comments
Baha'i Community will attend Ramin Abrishamian 617 645-2064 Eleanor Rosellini  
Wellesley Friends Meeting Susan McGarvey Comments

Note: Information about the workshop was passed along to the Needham Newton Chamber of Commerce Environmental Group and to several residents with connections to Houses of Worship in nearby communities. All are welcome, even though we have not actively solicited participation beyond Needham.

Material from MIPL

Material provided by Tom Nutt-Powell of Mass Interfaith Power & Light

Case Studies & Presentations:

Houses of Worship listing and comments

Carter Memorial Methodist Church

  • Michael Greis sent invitation to Rev. Caroline Edge 4/13/09
  • Caroline responded that she had board meeting and would follow up
  • MJG left message on 4/27
  • Caroline responded 4/29 - at least two people will attend.

Chabad Jewish Center


Christ Episcopal Church

  • Attended Clergy Association meeting
  • Michael Greis talked with Bishop Bud Cederholm. Bud wants to be sure Christ Church is represented and will follow up. Michael to send him announcement as soon as it is done.
  • Bud sent the announcement with a strong encouragement to attend to Skip Windsor, Rector, and asked Michael to F/U with Skip.
  • 4/13 - Michael send invitation to Skip Windsor
  • 4/24 - Michael talked with Joe Barr (Joe has been warden at Christ Church).
  • 4/27 - Michael left F/U message for Skip.
  • 4/28 - Skip not available, but will ask Bill Hagar (parishioner w/experience and interest in energy sustainability) and Facilities Manager if they can attend in his place.

Congregation Ruach Israel


Congregational Church


Anne Hayek/Deborah Baldwin are coordinating 10% Challenge.

  • Eleanor has spoken to Anne, who will inform their Green Committee.
  • Eleanor will contact the 2 ministers.
  • Roger Ambuter is their facilities manager; he is also a member of Temple Beth Shalom. Michael will contact him about being on the panel.
  • Apr. 8. Eleanor left messages with Rev. Werder and Cartmell and will follow up with an email.
  • Apr. 11 Anne will get back to Eleanor about whether a green team member can be on panel; she believe Heike plans to attend
  • Apr 12 Eleanor wrote email to Revs. Cartmell and Werder with personal invitation to attend and asked them to rsvp Michael.
  • Apr 14 - Rev. Heike Werder RSVP'ed she will attend
  • Apr. 27 Rev. Werder will give an update on the Green Committee; no one from the committee can attend

Cornerstone Assembly of God


First Baptist Church


April 13 ELeanor sent an email to Rev. Jackson personally inviting her to attend. She asked that rsvp be sent to Michael.

First Church of Christ Scientist

  • Paul Gardener is Eleanor's neighbor. She will contact him*Ar. 8. Eleanor spoke to Paul. He will forward Jay's email to building committee and chair of governing board with my email address to rsvp.

April 13 Eleanor emailed Paul, asking him to rsvp to Michael April 27: Duane Sullivan will attend

First Parish UU

  • Eleanor is a member. She has spoken to Carl Franceschi, a member of the building design committee for the renovations. He has agreed to be on the panel.

Good Shepard Christian Fellowship


Grace Lutheran Church


Presbyterian Church


St. Bartholomew Church


Not a Clergy Association member.

St. Joseph Church


Not a Clergy Association member, but Parish School is participating in the 10% Challenge.

Temple Aliyah

  • There seem to be three potential people to work with - Vicki Krupp, Debbie Schmill, David Harris
  • 4/20 - Michael asked Ellen Pulda, who contacted him about GN participation in a Hadassah event, to pass the invitation along to Aliyah
  • 4/28 - Ellen connected Michael to Jeff Lesse, head of the house committee for Aliyah. Jeff wants to come, but may have a conflict on Sunday. He will ask Bruce Berns to attend in his place if he can't come.

Temple Beth Shalom

  • Green Needham Members: Lois Sockol and Matt Tuttleman
  • Mike Bailit heads Carbon Challenge

Baha'i Community

617 645-2064
  • Apr. 8. Eleanor spoke to Ramin Abrishamian. He will look at Jay's email and will rsvp to Eleanor. (He responded that he will attend.)

Wellesley Friends Meeting

Apr. 8 Eleanor sent informational flyer to Susan McGarvey