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Stewardship is a tenet of virtually all religions and faith-based communities. We wish to engage Needham's many and vibrant faith-based communities in creating a more sustainable community.

This initiative has several major thrusts:

  • Help the Houses of Worship reduce energy use in their own facilities (which also enables more of their resources to support their mission)
  • Encourage the organization and members to take on the 10% Challenge as a faith-based community
  • Support stewardship and/or environmental teams within each community in taking on sustainability-projects by bringing them under the Green Needham umbrella and sharing resources
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship between Green Needham and the Needham Clergy Association

Groups in Needham Houses of Worship

Green Needham convened a meeting in February, 2010 of active stewardship/sustainability groups in Needham's houses of worship. We also invited people interested in forming a group to join the meeting.

It was clear that there is a significant benefit to all groups in sharing information, keeping in touch and considering shared initiatives. We've created a page on the wiki for follow up and information sharing.

2009 International Climate Day of Action

October, 2009 - Needham's Houses of Worship were leaders in Needham's participation in the 2009 International Climate Day of Action.

MIP&L Case Studies

September, 2009 - The MIP&L Case studies on Needham have been published. See the feature article from MIP&L's August Newsletter. (NB: When the next newsletter is published, the August newsletter will be available here.) They are also referenced on the Success Stories page of the MIP&L web site.

Individual stewardship case studies:

Environmental Stewardship Workshop

The Environmental Stewardship workshop was held on May 3rd, 2009 at First Parish in Needham. 18 participants representing 7 Needham houses of worship participated.

  • First Parish
  • Congregational Church
  • Temple Beth Shalom
  • Temple Aliyah
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Christ Church
  • Carter Memorial United Methodist

Material from the May 3rd, 2009 Environmental Stewardship Workshop

Follow-up: MIP&L Case Studies

Based on his experience with us at the Workshop Tom Nutt-Powell would like to prepare case studies on several of our Houses of Worship and the Green Needham Community effort. He has a summer intern who will work on the project. Michael will talk with the intern in early July and make the connections with the various organizations.


Our first major project under this initiative is a Environmental Stewardship Workshop to help houses of worship reduce energy use and the costs of running their own facilities. The workshop is scheduled for May 3rd, 2009 and our goal is to have every house of worship represented.