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We would like to present Climate Change and Green Needham to each of these community organizations. Part of the presentation will be a call to action by members of the group individually and by the group as a whole, if appropriate. We also hope that some of the members as well as some of the organizations will be motivated to join the collaborative

If you see an organization here that you can help with, please contact Jim Glickman. Please also contact Jim if you know of an organization that is not on here that we should be reaching out to.

Community Organization Contact Name Phone e-mail Green Needham
American Legion Post # 14 Tom Keating 444-0485
BI Deaconess Hosp. Needham Peter Smulowitz
Council on Aging Jamie Gutner 455-7555
Conservation Commission Sharon Soltzberg same 1-09 Sharon will bring up Challenge with Board
Exchange Club Gerry Rovner 444-EXCH Michael Greis
Knights of Columbus Tom Harkins 449-1492 Lois Sockol 1-22 Tom said he will bring it up at next mtg but is doubtful
League of Women Voters Susan McGarvey same Doing Challenge
Needham Business Association 444-7980 Michael Greis, Jim Glickman
Needham Cares Colleen Schaller Eleanor Rosellini Eleanor will contact Donna Vello
Needham Channel Marc Mandel Lois Sockol Lois will contact
Needham Community Theater Heather Daley Pam Steinfeld Pam Steinfeld will contact
Needham Democratic Town Committee Susan Welby 449-3884 Jim Glickman JG spoke on 1/31/09
Needham Education Foundation 444-0383 Michael Greis
Needham Garden Club Fay Remnitz Fay will bring materials to 2-17 mtg. Eleanor sent her a flier and text copy of checklist
Needham Health Dept. Janice Berns 455-7523 Susan McGarvey Susan will speak at staff meeting on Feb. 10
Needham Heights Association Matt Talcoff 433-0110
Needham Historical Society Gloria Greis 433-0110 M. Greis will ask G. Greis
Needham Human Rights Committee Jim Glickman JG will contact
Needham Library Lois Sockol Lois Sockol Have 3 boards do Challenge? Lois will contact them
Needham Lions Club 444-1847
Needham Masonic Hall 444-9779 John Bulian 1-09 John will bring up. JG will contact JB
Needham Republican Town Committee
Needham Youth Commission John Mattleman Jim Glickman JG will contact John M
Newcomers Club Peter Smulowitz
North Hill Elinor Scholl 455-7992 Michael Greis Meeting scheduled 2/12/09
Parent Talk 453-5418
Postcomer’s Club Carol Ditmore 444-8746 Eleanor Rosellini 1-09 Eleanor will contact Carol
Retired Men's Club Alan Erickson 444-7353 Eleanor Rosellini Talk scheduled See note below
Rotary Club Bill Paulson Jim Glickman JG will contact Bill P
Southern N.E. Region of Hadassah Elissa Grebber Jim Glickman JG will contact E. Grebber
Village Club 444-9677
Women’s Club 433-0203 Wendy Surr
Religious Organization Contact Name Phone e-mail Green Needham
Needham Clergy Association John Buehrens 444-0823 Michael Greis GNC on agenda for 2-12 mtg.
Congregational Church Deborah Baldwin 444-0823 Eleanor Rosellini Doing Challenge
First Parish UU John Buehrens 444-0823 Eleanor Rosellini Doing Challenge
Temple Beth Shalom Jim Glickman JG in touch w/ Mike Bailit

Exchange Club

Jim Glickman and Michael Greis presented to the Exchange Club 2/28/08.

Temple Beth Shalom

Jim and Michael presented Fall '08. TBS has developed and is running program based on Greenopolis

Retired Men's Club

Eleanor will be speaking to the Retired Men's Club about the 10% Challenge and cutting energy use in the home. The program is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10, 10:15 a.m. at the Presbyterian Church in Needham.

Michael 21:03, 20 October 2008 (EDT)

Needham Clergy Association

Michael Greis has talked with John Buehrens (First Parish) and through him reached out to the rest of the clergy association. We have had at least one worship community attend a meeting (Methodist) as a result, but we have discussed an initiative specifically for the houses or worship.

One idea is to sponsor an event featuring Interfaith Power and Light, inviting all the houses of worship to attend. (First Parish has offered to host.) I've done some of the legwork, but this is a great volunteer opportunity.

Michael 09:29, 14 August 2008 (EDT)

List of houses of worship:

  • Carter Methodist Church – 444-2460
  • Chabad Jewish Center – 455-9096
  • Christ Episcopal Church – 444-1469
  • Congregation Ruach Israel – 449-6264
  • Congregational Church – 444-2510 – Sally Powers/Vicki Garbe
  • Cornerstone Assembly of God – 449-3035
  • First Baptist Church – 449-1179
  • First Church of Christ Scientist – 444-2877
  • First Parish Unitarian Universalist – 444-0823 – Eleanor Rosellini
  • Good Shepard Christian Fellowship – 444-0321
  • Grace Lutheran Church – 444-3315
  • Presbyterian Church – 444-3728
  • St. Bartholomew Church – 444-3434
  • St. Joseph Church – 444-0245
  • Temple Aliyah – 444-8522
  • Temple Beth Shalom – 444-0077 – Lois Sockol/Matt Tuttleman