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These pages are for the team working on outreach and community education.

Resources for 10% Energy Challenge presentation/outreach team

Background information on Global Climate Change

The best sources for background information on Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change Updates

Tips for Speakers

  • Speak slowly, clearly, and sufficiently loud
  • Don't wander. Make clear points in an organized way.
  • Make part of the presentation interactive, even if it's just asking questions of the audience
  • Steer clear of "red flags" -- statements that engender unproductive side debates, such as the issue of the extent of ice cap melting, or whether recent hurricanes were caused by global warming. There are better, less controversial, examples of global climate change effects.

Coming soon

  • Real examples of money savings from energy-reducing actions
  • Information on Green Kids, Community Farm Committee
  • Sample presentations (short and longer)
  • Typical questions you may be asked

Presentation materials:

  • Core Template - Most recent version of core template for presentations. Includes title slide and slides describing Green Needham only.