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The Green Needham Blog offers another way to reach out and engage the community. This wiki page has information on how to use the blog and tips for blog authors.

We are looking for blog authors. Any Green Needham member who has expertise, a particular interest or a passion for some area of energy and sustainability is welcome to participate. We'd like to have people who are willing to take and work on a specific area. If you are interested, please contact Michael Greis via e-mail or phone (781 559-4623).

The blog also:

  • Hosts our Green Needham Calendar
  • Feeds our web page

Calendar Entries

  • Create a blog entry and select Yes in the Events Calendar section
  • Fill out the information that will appear in the Events Calendar section
  • Publish the post

Blog posts that are marked as Events will be automatically posted to the Green Needham web page under Upcoming Events at the top of the left hand column.

Posting News items on the web

News items appear in the center section of the web page. We would welcome a volunteer to oversee news items. This would entail writing up (or finalizing drafts) of news items and posting them to the blog

Any blog entry that is given a tag of news will appear as a news item.

In the absence of an editor, please contact Michael Greis before posting anything as a news item.

News items should be moved off the home page after an appropriate interval. To do this, simply remove the news tag and add a news archive tag in its place. This will move the item to the News Archive page of the web site.

Posting Blog entries to the web site

Blog items can be posted to the web site. They will appear below the Upcoming Events in the left hand column.

Any blog entry given a tag of homepage will appear in this section of the web site.

Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags are two different ways of marking and categorizing blog entries.

  • Categories appear on the right hand side of the blog and can have a hierarchical structure (e.g. Schools -> Green Kids)
  • A blog entry can be listed under multiple categories
  • The categories are not fixed, but we would like to maintain some logical structure that does not become too large.
  • Add categories sparingly Try to use sub-categories (or multiple categories) before creating new ones.
  • Tags are free-form. Entries are not organized or presented by tag, but they can be searched by tag
  • Use tags freely.
  • Note: The full-text search box at the top right of the blog will find any text, so you don't need to include everything you can think of. But because you can search and then see a list of blog posts by tag, it's a handy way to group related items that's more ad hoc than categories.