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Feedback from those who tested the online 10% Challenge, November, 2008

1. Does the 10% Challenge prototype show up well on your screen?

  • a. Yes
  • b. Yes -- I used MS Explorer. Too much trouble to download the others.

2. How long did it take you to calculate your carbon footprint (if you used the Empowerment Institute calculator)?

  • a. Under 10 minutes
  • b. I didn't do this today

3. Was the 10% Challenge checklist easy to use?

  • a. Very
  • b. Yes -- I suggested some important and cheap additions.

4. Were the directions clear? Was there any ambiguous wording?

  • a. Under thermostat turnback, are you talking about a turnback from 68 degrees or from what my household commonly sets it at?
  • b. None that I saw.

5. Did the links work?

  • a. Yes
  • b. Those I tried worked fine.

6. Did you find that the information presented on the "More information" links was useful?

  • b. Yes -- but include the numbers on the ones I selected or just group them all together.

7. Was it clear to you that the actions you chose to check are to be things that you do not already do?

  • a. No.
  • b. Not really

8. How long did it take you to go through the checklist and make your plan?

  • a. 15 minutes
  • b. 10 minutes

9. As you went through the checklist, did you find useful suggestions for lowering your energy use? (There will soon be a More Ideas page on the wiki.)

  • a. Yes, but I think under airline miles, it would be worth having a carbon offset option -- or perhaps carbon offsets could be step 20.
  • b. I already do alot of these and more. My heat in the winter is almost never above 65 and is generally 55 at night and 50 when I am out. So far no problems doing this, but I have newer house.

10. Did the prototype print out ok?

  • a. It printed out, but with info missing; so I switched to landscape. Instructions should have suggested landscape to begin with--so I wouldn't have wasted the ink first time around (I did print out a second time on the backs!).
  • b. Did not print it out today.

11. How many pages printed out?

  • a. 10 pages
  • b. n/a

12. What happened when you pressed submit?

  • b. After submitting my plan, I got this message. "Error opening File".
  • c. I got a thank you but then when I closed out there was a message that said “Error opening File.”

12. Any comments?

  • a. Can you have a condensed version for printing out? 10 pages is about 8 too many. Otherwise, terrific job.
  • b. Include my suggestions. Low cost, big impact (points). (Eleanor's note: I'm not sure what these suggestions are. I didn't see any. I wrote back to her.)
  • c. I recalculated my footprint using the Empowerment Institute calculator and then I went through the questions (5 minutes). The only question that I answered was that I was going to eat 3 more vegetarian meals per week. I then realized that the Empowerment calculator didn’t ask me anything about food so that wasn’t included in my starting point. Seems like a big omission since what we eat is so important.