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This page is for updates and ideas about publicizing the 10% Energy Challenge campaign, which was kicked off in early January. If you'd like to help with the 10% Challenge, please send a note to 10percent@greenneedham.org or contact Eleanor Rosellini or Jim Glickman.

Priority Tasks

Websites and electronic messages:

  • Prepare e-mail text (with links) that can be sent to groups and individuals interested in the 10% Challenge. Eleanor, Jim
  • Disseminate above e-mail
  • Work with town to get 10% Energy Challenge text and link on town website. ??
  • Get 10% Energy Challenge information and link on Needhamonline (Lee Leavitt is contact. Jim will contact him.)
  • Green Needham website. Add page that lists which organizations are participating. On home page, keep running count of pounds of CO2 avoided. Eleanor will give Michael info about organizations
  • Promotion of 10% Energy Challenge on Yes We Can website. E-mail to members? (Challenge was included as a small part in a long e-mail from Harmony Wu on January 13, 2009)


  • Prepare for meeting with Needham Clergy Association (develop proposal for workshop about reducing building energy use and 10% Challenge) Eleanor, Jim, Michael
  • Needham Channel filmed a PSA announcement (Eleanor Rosellini's comments on the 10% Challenge were taped in December.) Check to see when this will air.
  • Prepare for Family Science Night, March 26 Newman School (Debbie, Eleanor)
  • Find out when Pollard Science Fair will be held. Chuck Dowe would like us to promote the Challenge
  • Graphics: Create an attractive flier and poster that can be used by those organizing campaigns in community and religious groups, develop graphics that organizers can use to represent participation levels and pounds of CO2 avoided (Eleanor is meeting with new member Lisa Vergara week of January 26.)
  • Decide on prizes for drawing and so they can be publicized. Wendy's "Handyman from Heaven" has agreed to donate 2 hours of his services. Other ideas: digital tire guage, gift certificate to Green Disk, which recycles all kinds of technotrash such as video tapes, floppy disks, audio tapes, etc.)

Ongoing tasks

Media Outreach:

  • Continue to draft story ideas for the 10% Challenge and present it to media contacts (Ollie Haas -- student angle; follow families doing challenge)
  • See the Media page for media contacts to receive Press Releases.
  • Channel 5 coverage
  • Continue to get prominent residents to do the Challenge (Selectmen Denise Garlick, John Bulian (has submitted plan), Jerry Wasserman: yes. Dan Matthews and Jim Healy declined to participate. Lida Harkins said yes.)

Outreach to schools, community and religious groups:

  • Continue outreach to community and religious groups Click here for lists of organizations and updates on outreach. Click hereto find out which organizations and clubs are participating in the Challenge.
  • Continue school outreach by getting information into school newsletters, work with Green Kids to get projects at different schools (Debbie, Pam)

Other tasks and ideas

  • Work with NHS Environmental Club (2 members came to January GNC meeting)
  • Make banner that can be used at a table when promoting the Challenge. (Someone contact David Cournoyer?)
  • Letters to the editor
  • Town Meeting resolution, announcement, or fliers
  • Sponsor a workshop on reducing energy use; have computers set up so that people can make their plan right away if they want.
  • From Jim: Have a session at the library?
  • Sponsor a film or other event (perhaps around Earth Day) and promote the Challenge
  • Signage around town (fliers, poster at town hall, sign at RTS)
  • Get details about Temple Beth Shalom's Environmental Fair in the spring of 2010.
  • GNC members and/or school kids stand at RTS with signs and information about the Challenge
  • Coordinate efforts with Temple Beth Shalom, which is doing a similar project. Their carbon reductions should be counted with ours.
  • Get local retailers to offer promotions for Challenge. (Tear-off sheets on shelves where energy-saving devices are sold at Harvey's?)
  • Get Boy Scouts and Girl Scout troops involved

Publicity and Promotion Tasks Already Done

Media Outreach:

  • Initial newspaper publicity announcing Challenge: Globe West, January 9, 2009, Needham Times (January 22, 2009), Hometown Weekly (January 15, 2009)
  • Pam Steinfeld's column on the 10% Challenge appeared in the Hometown Weekly on January 23.
  • Needham Channel filmed a PSA announcement (Eleanor Rosellini's comments on the 10% Challenge were taped in December)

Other Outreach:

  • Needham Lyceum, January 4, 2009 at First Parish Unitarian Universalist. Michael Greis was guest speaker
  • 10% Energy Challenge Memorial Park sign was up the week of January 12 and a few extra days. Sign was made by David Cournoyer, Needham High graphics teacher, and has a blank space that can be customized for other uses

Click hereto find out which organizations and clubs are participating in the Challenge.

How to motivate more people to actually take the challenge?

  • Start using the numbers. Encourage people with our already impressive numbers of pounds of CO2 committed to be reduced (213,000 pounds so far, which is 106.5 tons). For organizations, emphasize the aspect of recognition. (See below for Eleanor's LWV text.) I am trying this strategy with my church also and I will send my church email to the Congregational Church organizers to give them an example of a follow-up email.
  • Use the momentum from the Inauguration. Perhaps people will be in the mood to follow Obama's call to service. I think this strategy would work on the Yes We Can website, along with our current reductions.

LWV Text

10% Energy Challenge: The League is going for the Gold!

League members are taking the 10% Energy Challenge to reduce their energy use and save money. In fact, the Needham League has a chance of being the first community organization to receive "gold" recognition for getting at least 30% of its members to submit an energy-saving plan. Thirteen League members have submitted plans to reduce their carbon footprint, committing to actions that will keep nearly 80,000 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere each year. How are they doing this? By doing things such as unplugging a second refrigerator, replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents, reducing flying or driving miles, adding vegetarian meals to the weekly menu, or taking up other of the many options presented by the 10% Energy Challenge.

With 110 households in the Needham League, we will achieve a gold status if 33 members take the 10% Energy Challenge. We're almost halfway there. Please take the Challenge today and start saving money on your utility bills. It takes only a few minutes to make your personal energy-saving plan. Go to www.greenneedham.org and click on Take the Challenge, or go directly to http://challenge.greenneedham.org. If you are in more than one organization participating in the Challenge, your plan can count for all of them for purposes of recognition based on participation level.

Old Notes

Memorial Park Signboard

  • 1/20/09 - Our sign stayed up a few extra days as Dave Cournoyer is using the back of it to do a sign for the Music Man which has the board this week. We now need to take it down and store it this Sunday (1/25/09). We've gotten good comments on the sign!

  • Dave Cournoyer has made us a 4' x 8' Green Needham sign
  • It is sized for the Memorial Park signboard, but can be used elsewhere as well
  • The center is blank to allow customization each time we use the sign
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  • We will use the following text in the middle section of the sign for the rollout:
100 of your neighbors are already saving money and energy.  
                   You can too!  
   Join the 10% Challenge at www.greenneedham.org
  • We have scheduled use of the Memorial Park signboard during the week of 'January 11th (7 days, from Sunday to Saturday)
  • We need someone to arrange to get the sign from David and put it into the signboard on the morning of January 11th.
  • We also need someone to retrieve the sign the following Sunday (January 18th).
  • Who has a convenient place to store the sign between uses?