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The 10% Challenge is an ongoing project started in 2008-09 with many different activities n support of its goals.

Our initial goal when we kicked off the program in January, 2008 was 100 households taking the Challenge by Earth Day in April

  • Over 200 households had taken the challenge by Earth Day

Our next goal was to get 10% participation from schools during the School 10% Challenge from Earth Day to the end of school in June, 2009

  • Four of the six participating schools reached 10% participation (St. Joe's, Eliot, Mitchell and Newman)
  • One school (St. Joe's) reached 25% participation
  • Total participation reached 450 households

Our goal for 2010 is to have 10% of Needham households (about 1,000) participating by the end of the year (in time for the kickoff of the Needham Tercentenary year).

2010 Campaign

We held a planning meeting for the 2010 campaign on March 22nd, 2010. Jim Glickman prepared meeting notes. I've posted them in this item so that we can add follow-up to it as we go forward.


  • Success Stories - Gathering and sharing success stories from Challenge participants is a key to building additional participation as well as reinforcing the commitments others have already made
  • Challenge Cafes - hosting "10% Challenge Cafes" at the Library to increase participation in the Challenge
  • Groups - Getting organizations to create teams to encourage participation by members has been the most successful approach to increasing Challenge participation
Contact: Eleanor Rosellini
  • Friends - ideas for encouraging people who've taken the Challenge to get a friend to do it
Contact: Jim Glickman
  • Neighborhoods - ideas for getting groups of neighbors to take the Challenge

Previous Activities, Ongoing Support

Contact: Maureen Commane
  • Earth Day awards event - April 22, 2009 ceremony recognizing organizations who have participated in the Challenge
Contact: Michael Greis
Contact: Eleanor Rosellini