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Information about organizations and groups in other area communities

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Most of these are groups with whom we've had direct contact - there are many others and we would welcome hearing from them so that we can share information and best practices. Please contact Michael Greis if you are with a sustainability organization in another community (grass roots or formal town committee) or if you would like to reach the contact person in one of these communities.

Contact: Bill Jastromb
Contact: Shannon Konig
Contact Joel Lindsay
  • This is a city-sponsored non-profit that is developing and rolling out a city-wide campaign to reduce energy use by residents and businesses. A large-scale effort that secured local foundation funding to enable their start-up.
  • Carlisle - Carlisle Climate Action
Contact:Susan Stamps

Contact: Virginia Leclair
  • 11/09 - Green Needham will be meeting with DSA to share ideas and discuss collaborations

  • Framingham - GreenUp Day is a Framingham community group that sponsors a yearly GreenUp day to remove trash throughout the Town of Framingham. The group is also working to spread the idea of GreenUp Day statewide through outreach.
Contact: Tom Greeley
Tom is also the contact for those wanting to start a GreenUp Day in their own community
Contact: Rebecca King
  • This group was created about 1 1/2 years ago and reached out to us after seeing our web site and projects. They want to get a 10% Challenge underway in Greenfield. The municipality has completed an energy baseline (through ICLE) and they're working to engage their schools and people in the community.
  • Harvard - Town Energy Committee
Contact: Eric Broadbent
  • A citizens' based group promoting green/sustainable choices in Marlborough
  • Appointed by the Mayor, this city committee promotes clean power options and supports the city's efforts to become a clean power leader
  • Medford's McGlynn Middle School installed a 100kw turbine in early 2009
Contact: Marcia Cooper, Peter Smith and others
  • Wellesley
Contact: Mary Ann Cluggish
  • has a Town Meeting study group looking at whether to form a Town Energy Committee and what other communities are doing. They reported to Town Meeting in March, 2009.
Contact: Scott Bender
  • Winchester - Winchester Energy Management Committee
Contact: Doug Moore
  • Committee sanctioned by Board of Selectmen comprised of two town employees, representatives from other committees and energy professionals living in Winchester.