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Green Needham is a collaborative because individuals and organizations are working together to create a more sustainable community. While we have scheduled meetings - and we focus on structuring them to be both productive and informative - it's individuals and teams working together on projects outside of the meetings that really get things done.

You may be thinking that you'd like to get involved with Green Needham, but you're not sure about:

  • The time commitment
  • What skills are needed
  • What you would enjoy doing
  • Where to get started

We'd like to make it easier to get involved, so this page outlines specific needs and tasks available with defined boundaries, along with pointers to more general opportunities. Take a look and see what will work for you. These won't cover everything that's going on or all the ways you can get involved, but they will be things you can evaluate before you get started so that you can choose something you're comfortable with.

If you don't find something here, or if you want to talk with someone to learn more:

  1. Call or e-mail Michael Greis (781 559-4623 or 781 449-8007 (H)) or one of our Steering Committee members.
  2. Come to a meeting and talk to any one of us during or after the meeting
  3. Contact any of the people referenced in the wiki or on the web page as leading or working on projects
  4. Leave a note on the Discussion page if you have a skill or interest you would like to apply to something we're doing (also accessible from the "Discussion" tab at the top of this page).

Click the Watch tab at the top of this page to receive a short e-mail when new opportunitites are added.

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Current Opportunities

Project Teams

The Green Needham project teams always welcome new menbers and can accomodate a range of interests, skills and time available. Contacts for some of the projects are below and you can also check out the Project pages for more information.

Outreach for HEEI Seminars

Our Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Team has put together a great 1 1/2 - 2 hour seminar to help people identify and implement high-value home energy efficiency improvements. We're looking for organizations - businesses, houses of worship, clubs - to host the seminars. They host and promote the event and we bring the speakers. They can open it to the public as well - we'll also promote it if they want to do that.

Volunteer opportunity: reach out to potential host organizations and invite/encourage/persuade them to host a seminar. Schedule and set up the event with the host organization.

  • Time commitment
  • Setting up a single session is a couple of hours work, spread over several weeks, since it's mostly e-mail, phone calls and follow up.
  • Outreach - varies with number of organizations - organizations you already know may not take any additional team; others may require a couple of hours (e-mails, phone calls, personal conversations) over several weeks.

Green Communities - Outreach

Green Community - one of the requirements to become a Massachusetts Green Community is adopting the new energy "stretch building code". This is a very achievable extension to the state building code that provides life-cycle savings to property owners. Much of what it requires is just good building practice, but it's something new.

Although there are an increasing number of builders and developers that are adopting "green building" practices at various levels, we want to reach out to the builder/developer community to proactively build support for this. Having the code and builders/developers motivated to build sustainably and energy-efficiency could be a great selling point for Needham from a real estate perspective.

Volunteer opportunity: someone who is/was in the building/development/real estate or related businesses to reach out to those professional communities in Needham to identify those who either are already supportive or are willing to learn more....build a network of interest and support that we can use to get the stretch code adopted.

  • Time commitment: Variable and flexible
  • A few hours to get up to speed on Green Communities and the resources available
  • Networking - identifying and reaching out to people - varies
  • Working with interested professionals - meetings, follow-up research and questions
  • If interested, this could be structured as a formal "campaign" that could be useful for someone wanting to build contacts, experience and reputation in the developer community

Publicizing 10% Challenge Success Stories

People who've taken the 10% Challenge have found ways to save money and energy and live more sustainability. We want to help more Needham residents realize these benefits, and the best way to do that is to share what others have done.

We have a number of people willing to talk about what they've done. We're looking for someone who enjoys talking with people and writing. You'd write up success stories for press releases and our online sites (web site, blog).

If you're also interested in TV and video, you could do interviews and create short videos which could be broadcast on The Needham Channel and on YouTube. Training and equipment is available through The Needham Channel (we'll make the connections for you).

  • Time Commitment: Variable and flexible
  • An individual success story would require a couple of hours to set up and do the interview plus however much time you need to write up the story (less than a page), then some time for editing & formatting the final versions.

Green Needham Meetings

Volunteer Opportunity - coordinate the scheduling and set up for Green Needham meetings with the Steering Committee.

For some meetings, this involves getting and coordinating a speaker (we have candidates, but would absolutely welcome someone who has ideas and/or contacts), coordinating the agenda with a couple of members of the Steering Committee, scheduling the room (usually at Olin where it's easy to do), publicizing the meeting (we have a process but there's room for ideas & improvement) and coordinating the day of meeting set up.

We'd like someone who would take this on going forward (best case we'd have about six meetings between September and June), but someone willing to sign up for a couple of specific meetings to see what it's like is great as well.

Artist Needed

The Needham Community Farm is looking for someone to create pictures depicting the agricultural aspects of a sustainable Needham. We would use drawings (hand or computer generated) to help community members envision a more self sufficient, environmentally friendly, lifestyle.

News and information writing

The first half of 2009 saw a lot of activity and progress on Green Needham projects. We have created a publicity committee. We see much opportunity for advancing sustainability through communicating what's already happening.

We are always in need of people who like to write and are willing to write short articles about Green Needham projects or topics related to energy and the environment. The articles would be 300 - 500 words, though there is no required target or limit. They would appear in one or more of the following:

  • Our wiki or web site
  • Constant Contact e-mail newsletter
  • Press releases

There are two different time frames - one is open-ended, where you would take some topics and create material over time; the other is for a specific use and time-dependent - newsletter going out next week or press release needed.

Monthly Green Tip Writer

We are looking for someone to write and distribute the Green Needham monthly Green Tips to our tips listserv. In the past, our tips have been fairly detailed including multiple ways to cut energy use.

Going forward, we would like to simplify the format by offering just one easy to do tip per month. We plan to continue to distribute local event announcements through this listserv as well.

  • If you are interested in helping with the Green Tips please Contact:Debbie Schmill
  • Updated: December, 2009

Legislative Action Alert Coordinator

The Legislative Action Alert listserv was created as a way to inform members of environmental legislation at a local, state and federal level, that would require immediate grassroots action. This action usually entails signing an online petition or sending an online form letter.

We are looking for someone to work with a Steering Committee member to determine which legislative actions should be forwarded to our listserv.

  • If you are interested in helping out with the Legislative Alert Network Contact:Debbie Schmill
  • Posted: December, 2008

Ongoing Opportunities

Contributing information to the Resource Library

Our online Resource Library, now being assembled, will support the 10 Percent Challenge. It contains discrete and specific information about products and services that help people use energy more efficiently and save money.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Research specific areas, assemble information and enter it on the wiki
  • Put information already gathered onto the wiki

  • Using the wiki is fairly easy, so you can do this even if you've never done it before as long as you are comfortable learning and working with computers and technology.
  • If you like using technology, there is a world of capability that you can learn about and take advantage of.
  • Since the resource library and much of the material for it is online, you should be comfortable navigating and using the web for research if you are interested in generating the actual material.


  • Archive of volunteer opportunities - filled, completed or no longer needed