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7/13/08 We are creating a new, streamlined look for the wiki in conjunction with the launch of our front-end web site. Questions, comments and suggestions to Michael Greis.

Needham Solar Challenge The Needham Solar challenge gave Needham the opportunity to receive a 2kW Solar array for the Pollard School and matching funds toward alternative energy and education projects through donations to the New England Wind Fund.
Wind Feasibility Study This project will install a tower with instruments at a location near the Needham RTS to measure the wind over a one-year period. The resulting information will be analyzed to determine the business case for installation of a wind turbine that would generate lower-cost clean electricity for the Town.
See the complete list of Projects - current, completed and proposed.

Geothermal Energy Geothermal energy for heating and cooling residential, commercial or municipal facilities
Solar Energy Use of the sun's energy to generate electricity or heat water
Learn and share your knowledge on a variety of energy topics.
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What I can do
Learn ways you can make a difference in your own life and at work.
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For information on the Green Needham Collaborative, contact Michael Greis
The Green Needham Collaborative logo was created through a collaboration of Needham High School Graphic Design and Environmental Awareness Club students. We appreciate their efforts!