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  • Communicate Green Needham's purpose and activities through a web presence
  • Be the authoritative site for people and organizations in Needham interested in energy and the environment
  • Attract people and organizations to join and participate in Green Needham
  • Facilitate collaboration among Green Needham members and organizations for project execution

Assets in Place

  • Twitter account
  • Facebook
  • Originally set up as a group - Green Needham
  • Individual page set up for Green Needham Collaborative - August, 2010
  • As of Spring, 2010, web site front page content fed from blog
  • Online tool for 10% Challenge
  • Captures information into MySQL database
  • Listservs hosted by Olin College

  • Domain names:
    • - Primary Domain

Planning 2010

Tad Staley and Michael Greis have been discussing infrastructure updates and changes.

Open Items

List of items to discuss/address - no particular order

  • Web site
  • Update secondary page content
  • Redesign color scheme
  • Front page layout
  • Add community sponsors
  • Facebook
  • Drive friends for the new "individual" page
  • Decide what to do with Group Page
  • Place ads?
  • Blog
  • Have set up e-mail feeds (through feedburner)
  • Should we try to get large numbers to the main feed? Right now, additions are not that frequent, so this would be reasonable for most members
  • If new postings increase significantly (as we wish), offer option to convert to specific feeds?
  • Should we set up more feeds immediately?
  • e.g. - Events
  • Offer customized feeds to "umbrella" groups - e.g. Needham Community Farm?
  • Would further encourage them to use blog for their communications - builds network effect for our blog and provides them a service
  • Sunset Green tips and legislative action alert Listservs in favor of blog?
  • Set up customized feed
  • Opt-in or opt-out? - Given infrequent use, opt-in may be better.
  • Send listserv message with link to opt-in for customized blog feed
  • Constant Contact
  • Build list subscriptions
  • Keep up monthly newsletters
  • Membership survey
  • Discontinue this in favor of simple sign-up?
  • How would we implement this? We want to capture some information.
  • 10% Challenge
  • Should add street address to information captured - would allow us to deliver stickers (and do some interesting data maps mashups?)

Planning 2007

Possible tools and resources

  • GNC Wiki and the information in it
  • Blog software - e.g. WordPress
  • CSS-based tool for basic site construction?
  • MCAN site
  • Available server (Apache, PHP, MySQL, MediaWiki, WordPress) for initial testing and use
  • Web site hosting with additional software available - $70/year


  • Easy-to-use, ongoing mechanism for keeping information current
  • Identify resources (people) to take responsibility
  • Collaborative structure to share workload as well as allow decentralized structure for initiatives and projects

Conclusions and next steps

  • Implement a wiki as a primary collaboration, planning and information tool - DONE
  • Develop an initial structure which early adopters can further develop
  • Get early adopters to place content and use the wiki for organizing teams/groups
  • Explore how to most effectively and quickly enable and motivate GNC participants to use the wiki - early success will snowball
  • Provide a traditional web site presence as a front end and a gateway to the wiki - DONE
  • Explore further how much content should be on the more static front end and how to more effectively move information there from the wiki