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February 24 meeting


There was a consensus that we would like to keep in touch, but not add to everyone’s busy schedule by having regular meetings. We will keep in contact through email and, if desired, through putting information on the Green Needham wiki. We will keep each other informed of events at our own church or temple that might have a wider interest, and any of us can suggest collaborative efforts.

Some areas where information sharing makes sense: recycling services and solar panels. Also, one common problem was the unclear status of houses of worship which seek NStar services and rebates.

Those of us who are planning walk/bike/carpool events in May to support the Needham in Motion initiative will post our event on the website. We will try to get other Houses of Worship involved. Youth groups, for example, can make posters and possibly fill volunteer jobs such as being helpers at bike days.

Action Items

Michael Greis will look into the possibility of meeting with a “higher up” at NStar to see how Houses of Worship can benefit from energy efficiency programs even though some have residential accounts.

Michael Greis will arrange for a Home Energy Efficiency workshop at a House of Worship, if anyone would like one. Eleanor will send people a link to the Home Energy Efficiency description on the Green Needham wiki.

For purposes of sharing resources, everyone will be invited to add specific information to the Green Needham wiki about what the various environmental committees are working on.

Eleanor and Tad will get the word out through the Needham Clergy Association and personal contacts at other Houses of Worship about supporting the Needham in Motion initiative.

Everyone will consider supporting Needham in Motion by publicizing the NIM events and having an event at the church or temple, such as walk/bike/carpool to services. Events will be posted on the Needham in Motion website.

Everyone will try to think of people from other temples or churches who would like to be on our informal Interfaith Environmental Network email list. Let Eleanor know and she will add them.