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Lamprey Brothers

HV vendor in NH with a sustainability strategy. Per Rick Nortz

Next Meeting

We've scheduled our next team meeting for Friday, November 6th so that we can do a debrief from the seminar and plan our next steps. We received great feedback from the people who were able to attend. Please confirm back to Bill Okerman that you can attend.

Date: Friday, November 6th, 2009 Time: 9:00 am to 11:00 am Location: Dedham Savings Bank, 55 Elm St., Dedham

Aging in Place

Steve Maas is a journalist and former Globe editor. Although he doesn't live in Needham, he's been very interested in green issues and has written some pieces for us as well as more generally.

Steve send me the following link to a piece he wrote about aging in place and the concept of "intentional communities". Interesting reading and something that may be of use for this program now or down the road:

I did a story over the summer in Globe West about intentional communities designed to help older folks stay at home. They could certainly benefit from energy audits. Here's the link:

Pilot Seminar Outreach

  • Create prospect list - Michael DONE 9/16
  • Residents 65-75, living in single family homes more than 50 years old (1,101 residents)
  • Sent to Katherine & Bill
  • Katherine to make calls as time available
  • Senior Center volunteer?
  • Others?

Pilot Seminar Publicity

  • Create Flyer - DONE

Announcement and flyer to:

  • Green Needham Web site - Michael DONE 9/15
  • Green Needham wiki and calendar - Michael DONE 9/15
  • Send to Needham Times - Bill DONE 9/15
  • Details for Marc at Needham Channel for taping, sound setup - Michael DONE 9/14
  • Note to Clergy Association - Michael DONE 9/15
  • HEEI Team - Bill DONE 9/15
  • Green Needham Steering Committee - Michael
  • Constant Contact newsletter to Green Needham - Michael DONE 9/23
  • Sponsoring organizations - Bill DONE 9/15
  • Council on Aging - Bill DONE
  • NOI
  • LWV

Pilot Seminar

Flyer (PDF format)

Next Group Meeting

We would like to schedule our next group meeting (a Friday morning, as usual) for either Friday, September 11th (1st choice) or Friday, September 18th (fallback).

  • Jerry - are those dates available?
  • Everyone else - can you make it?

Our agenda would be:

  • Review and confirm the flow of the seminar
  • Review the materials
  • Review arrangements
  • Outreach and follow-up

Seminar Attendance Outreach

The seminar will be open to all and we should publicize it widely, our focus should be on direct outreach and personal invitiations to a target population.

Along the lines of our discussions, I have identified a list of about 400 Needham residents who are over 65 and living in homes that are 50 - 60 years old.

We can create a simple script that highlights the community organizations putting it on (Green Needham, Council on Aging/Senior Center, Needham Opportunities Inc. (and possibly the League's Climate Action Committee). The script would stress that this is an informational session.

We need to identify some callers - the NOI intern may be able to work on this as well as make calls. I have asked Jamie Gutner to see if there might be a senior center volunteer interested in helping. Other ideas and volunteers are welcome.

Dates for Pilot Seminar

We are targeting the end of September for the pilot seminar as we outlined it at our June meeting. (We were not able to schedule a pilot in August.)

After talking with Jamie Gutner at the Needham Senior Center and considering likely availability of facilities and the target audience, we are aiming for the following:

  • Seminar to be held between 5 pm and 7 pm on a weekday
  • Most likely location will be either the Eliot School or Broadmeadow School performance centers.

We believe that with that time and those locations, we should not have a problem getting a facility. The target dates are:

  • Tuesday, September 29th
  • Wednesday, September 30th
  • Thursday, October 1st

Could someone from each organization confirm your availability for those three dates by adding them on the appropriate line below? Once we have everyone accounted for, we'll request a room reservation. If you have a preference, please indicate that as well and I will prioritize the request accordingly.

  • Dedham Savings Bank -
  • Next Step Living -
  • Needham Oil & Air -
  • Comfort Technologies -
  • Needham Senior Center -
  • Needham Opportunities, Inc. -
  • Green Needham (Michael) - 9/29, 9/30, 10/1
  • Green Needham (Bill)

If other organizations are able to participate, please add your names and dates

Collaboration with Needham Opportunities, Inc.

August, 2009 - Needham Opportunities, Inc. has been awarded 2 LISC/Americorps interns for the year beginning September, 2009. Sheila Pransky is planning to have one of the interns concentrate on "green" initiatives and believes that the HEEI program is one of those opportunities.

Bill, Michael and Sheila met in mid-August to discuss how to leverage this great resource for the HEEI program. Once the intern is on board, Sheila will work with her to get underway, but we envision her being able to work on:

  • Outreach to the propsective attendees for the pilot seminar
  • Coordination and assembly of seminar material for the wiki
  • Meeting planning
  • Handling and directing follow-up calls from the seminar

January through June 2009

Information about the project from our initial meeting through June, 2009 is on the Meeting Summaries page

Initial Concept

Michael Greis's overview note summarizing the concept as discussed at the January, 2009 Green Needham meeting:

We have talked about bringing together heating/ventilation contractors to develop a program that would make it easier for residents to upgrade or replace older, inefficient heating systems.

  • Rick Nortz of Needham Oil and Air has expressed interest in participating in this project and engaging other suppliers
  • I have also talked with Gerry LaVoie, of Dedham Savings, about this as one of the challenges is financing. Dedham Savings has done quite a lot of greening of their own facilities and has an interested in advancing an initiative like this as well.

There are many challenges to getting something like this going, but it makes so much sense, and is in fact being done on a city-wide scale in Cambridge through the Cambridge Energy Alliance. If we could put something together here in Needham, we'd be doing a great service for our residents, advancing Green Needham's objectives for community sustainability and also publicizing and promoting Green Needham.

The immediate first challenge has been finding someone to take charge of getting us started and of taking the first steps. At January's Green Needham meeting, we had a breakout session about working with area businesses to advance mutual interests in sustainability and we again discussed this idea. This time, I got several volunteers to try to jump start this idea. Bill Okerman and Les Lefaver agreed to coordinate.

The initial objective is straightforward - have a meeting/workshop of interested parties, present and discuss the concept, then determine whether there is enough interest to move forward with something. We will at the very least raise awareness and visibility, and perhaps generate interest in exploring other approaches.