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The purpose of this page is to collect in one place the pages that have to do with energy reduction in the home, including user experiences.

Heating and Cooling:

[[1]] Green Needham Tip: Heat Your House Not Your Neighborhood

home energy audit Advanced energy Audit information.


[[2]] Green Needham Tip: Change A Light Bulb

Power Cost Monitors

There are several types of power cost monitors that you can install to monitor your use of electric power. In mid-2007, NStar had a special offer (available through June 30, 2007) making one of these devices available for $30 (the retail cost was, and still is, $150).

The PowerCost Monitor provided direct and instantaneous feedback of real-time power usage, allowing you to see the impact of turning devices on and off and to monitor your electric usage. It has two components - a sensor you attach (no electrician required) to the outside of your electric meter and a display unit which receives a wireless signal from the sensor.

More information, including how to order, is available from the manufacturer.

In early 2008, I contacted NStar to see if we could interest them in repeating this program within Needham, perhaps using GreenNeedham and the Town to both publicize and distribute the meters to reduce the cost of a program. Unfortunately, they had no interest in repeating the program at this time. Michael 10:23, 19 February 2008 (EST)