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7/13/08: Redesigned Green Needham Wiki debuts

In support of the many new activities and members, and in conjunction with the debut of Green Needham's new front end web site on July 4th, Green Needham today debuted a resdesigned wiki.

Green Needham's wiki at is a collaborative online application used as a community resource for sharing information and ideas and as a efficient (and sustainable!) way for Green Needham members to work on projects, saving time and e-mail overload.

7/4/08: Green Needham members march in 4th of July Parade

A group of Green Needham members marched in the Needham Exchange Club's annual 4th of July Parade.

In conjunction with the parade march, Green Needham debuted its new front end web site for first-time visitors.

7/3/08: Extended Solar Challenge Ends

The (extended) Community Solar Challenge program ended on June 30, 2008. Unofficially, Needham recorded 281 qualifying donations to the New England Wind fund. This was more than enough to reach our goal of 150 contributions, which earned us a 2kW solar panel array to be installed at the Pollard Middle School. We did come up just short of the 300 donations that would have given us a second array.

See details at the Needham Solar Challenge page.

5/15/08: Solar Challenge Extended; Needham earns solar panel

Needham reached over 250 donations to the Solar Challenge Program. The deadline for the Solar Challenge was extended state-wide, so Needham has the opportunity to gain a second solar panel and additional matching funds for projects in Needham.

See details at the Needham Solar Challenge page.

4/16/08: Earth Day Celebrations at Needham Elementary Schools


1. Walk-to-School Day

2. Recycling bottles at lunch

3. Serving a "Green" lunch

4. Distributing MWRA booklets to each family


1. Walk-to-school Day

2. All students are wearing Green

3. School assembly with brief speech about Earth Day and the kids will sing songs they have learned about saving the earth.

4. Last day of catalog canceling project. It has been a huge success.

5. Last day of Phoneraiser. It has been a moderate success.

6. The school has been decorated with Earth Day themed artwork done by the kids. A large mural hangs in the lobby. Also, the school has been decorated with informational signs provided by the green team

7. There will be green balloons at the front lobby to welcome the kids.

8. Each classroom will get a plant of pansies that we hope to plant outside after vacation.

9. A traveling book basket with books about recycling and environment will circulate all week. There is a basket for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. The books being read in media will also keep to the theme.

10. Green lunch will be served at the cafeteria.

11. A display in the lobby that includes a tree made of reused wallpaper. The kids have been given paper to write down their thoughts about the earth and being green which they will attached to the tree.

12. Composting display.

13. Each child will be given a reusable grocery bag to take home. Included in the bag is information from the MWRA, a coloring contest from Andersen Renewable Windows, snacks from Ians Natural Foods, information about eating well, a resource guide, coupons for a variety of green products and services and more.


1. Walk-to-school Day

2. All students are wearing Green

3. Recycling water bottles in all of the classrooms

4. 5th graders will hand out canvas bags with the inserts

5. An assembly to discuss the uses of the recycable bags and their benefits

6. The children will sing the Jack Johnson, Reduse -reuse-recycle song at the assembly

7. 5th graders are making Earth day posters for the school


1. Walk-to-school Day

2. All students are wearing Green

3. Olin College students have planned an Earth Day presentation for grades 3-5

4. The Science Center staff will take the Kindergarten classes on nature walks

5. 5th grade volunteers have planned a presentation for grades 1 and 2

6. There will be various displays set up in the cafeteria - The reusable lunch, Solar House, Stamp Charts, Collage, Compost Display

7. A "Green" lunch will be served at the cafeteria.

8. Lunch time composting

9."No Idle Zone" kick-off

10. Catalog Challenge kick-off

11. Fifth grade volunteers will do canvas bag presentation. Each student will receive a canvas bag filled with resources.

3/31/08: Solar Challenge Update: 124 Contributions to date

We are closing in on the solar panels! Thanks to the leadership of the League of Women Voters' Climate Action committee and the great work of all the volunteers publicizing the solar challenge, we've registered 30 contributions in the last two weeks.

As of March 31st, we need only 26 more contributinons to the Solar Challenge to reach our goal. We have until the end of April....if you haven't already contributed, please consider helping us get over the top!

2/21/07: Solar Challenge - Needham Times Article

This week's Needham times (p.3) features an article on the Solar Challenge titled "Needham residents challenged to go green". Note that the decision on siting the panels at Pollard (below) took place too late to make it into the article.

2/13/07: Solar Challenge - Solar Panels for Pollard

We have a location! Working with the Town Manager and the Superintendent of Schools, we are pleased to announce that the 2kW solar panel array that Needham will receive when we successfully complete the Community Solar Challenge will be installed at the Pollard Middle School.

2/13/07: New Server for wiki

The wiki has been moved to a new server and should not be accessible from anywhere. Please e-mail me if you have any problems.

11/9/07: Green Needham Membership sign up

  • If you have not already done so, please sign up as a member of the Green Needham collaborative. Signing up will ensure we have you listed correctly as a member of Green Needham. We will also send you an ID to access the Green Needham wiki.

11/1/07: Notes from the LWV Fall Forum

  • Notes from all the sessions at the October Needham League of Women Voters forum are now available