Energy Improvement Update by Public Facilities for the Home Energy Seminar March 30, 2009

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Actions Taken in the Past 5 years

  • Install atomizer on oil fired burner in Hillside to increase efficiency.
  • Place all buildings in unoccupied mode when they are not operational, bringing the temperature down in the heating season to 58 degrees.
  • Replaced existing lighting with more efficient T-8 ballasts and bulbs.
  • Schedule summer programming so that limited resources for cooling would be required.
  • Town committed to Community Energy Challenge to reduce energy consumption (adjusted for weather and cooling) by 10%.
  • Tracking energy consumption through Energy Star’s benchmarking tool Portfolio Manager.
  • In the process of installing a 2kW solar array at the new High Rock School.
  • The new Public Service Administrative Building will be the first Town building to employ Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Utilize energy management system to reduce peak demand charges.
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Actions to be Taken within the Next Year

  • Replacing pneumatic heating controls with digital controls in Mitchell.
  • Changing Exterior doors in the Pollard and Hillside to more energy efficient ones.
  • Installing motion/infrared switches in all storage area in the older schools.
  • Turning down thermostats to 68 degrees during the heating months.
  • Turning up thermostats to 75 degrees during the cooling months.
  • Researching an energy performance contract which would allow the Town to make upgrades in its energy infrastructure and pay

for it with projected energy savings.

  • Participate in Demand Response Program to receive payments for the ability to utilize onsite generators in the event of a power emergency. This reduces the need to build more energy generating power plants.