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A list of available carbon calculators

  • Zerofootprint - Very comprehensive, yet easy to use. Provides both defaults and explanations for the defaults and the items
  • Can create an ID and try it out on their general site - Sign-in
  • They do customizations for communities, have done some for larger cities
  • Allows users to compare to other countries and cities, as well as showing averages for the people using the site
  • Incorporates a social network component - setting up affinity groups, teams
  • Company is a not-for-profit
  • Have contacted them to explore a Needham-specific implementation - See Talk Page
  • They have a set of applications for kids and teachers, including a kids calculator
  • Greenopolis - Social networking site and carbon calculator
  • This site leads with the social networking component, and the carbon calculator is actually hard to find
  • Very simplistic calculator - easy to use, but provides limited information
  • Much more cluttered site - news snippets, ads, etc.
  • Created and underwritten by Waste Management, but intended to be run by the online community

Carbon Footprint Data Points

  • Home Heating
  • 1,000 g/oil - 11.2 metric tons
  • 1,000 therms of natural gas - 6 tons
  • Auto
  • 12,000 miles/year @20 mpg average - 3 tons
  • Roughly 100 gallons = 1 tons
  • Air Travel