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Green Needham serves as a community-wide nexus of Collaborating Organizations with an interest or mission relating to energy, the environment and sustainability. The affiliation may range from simple information sharing and cross-participation to active and formal collaboration on projects and activities.

  • GROW - the Olin student-led sustainability group
  • Olin College Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Pollard Environmental Action Team (PEAT)
  • High School Environmental Club
  • Green Kids (Elementary School PTCs)
  • Houses of Worship
  • Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce - the Chamber's Environment Committee educates and inspires local businesses about ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their daily business operation while saving money at the same time.
  • Needham Community Farm aims to create a center for environmental education for the Needham community, with a focus on teaching organic farming methods and sustainable living practices.
  • Needham Bikes - a biking advocacy group that promotes the safe and widespread use of bicycles for transportation and recreation in Needham.
  • Green Decade Coalition
  • Bay Colony Rail Trail - is promoting a rail trail conversion of the unused rail line between Needham and Medfield.
  • MCAN - Massachusetts Climate Action Network. Green Needham is a participating member in MCAN